Eco-Conscious Couture & Fine Tailoring

Unique Designs Made From 80% Reusable Fabrics.

A Lifelong Love of Fashion

VENTURINI is the Bainbridge Island, WA based label of Maria “Chany” Venturini. She designs eco-conscious couture and finely tailored garments for her clientele. While her work embodies glamour and luxury, her pieces are composed of 80% reclaimed material. Feel good about what you wear to feel good.

It was while she (Chany) was a student that she became aware of the wastefulness of the fashion industry. The impact on the environment is severe. According to fashion designer and fashion magnate Eileen Fisher, the fast fashion industry is second only to the petroleum industry in pollution generation. Chany believes that luxury and glamour can be achieved in environmentally careful ways. Most of her garments are crafted from reclaimed materials. She sources her materials from non-profits that are dedicated to education, community service, and social justice. Even with the dedication to use reclaimed materials, she has achieved accolades.


Chany was awarded Designer of the Year 2017 from Seattle Art Institute with a collection that featured 10/12 garments made from reclaimed materials. She was invited to the Bellevue Independent Designer Show of Fashion Week 2017. There, she won the Fan Favorite Award. For the second year in a row, she has been invited to present her Asian inspired designs at the Vietnamese Bar Association Gala. Her designs made a splash at Vancouver Fashion Week 2018, which prominently featured pieces from re-purposed fabrics. She has been invited to show all over the world - New York, Paris, Milan, and London. 

"Fashion is more than what you wear, it is how you wear it to fit your body and your personality."  

~Chany Venturini

What Venturini is known for:

> Eco-conscious couture

> Fashion design

> Fine tailoring

> Alterations

You can visit their website HERE

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